3-Year-Old Boy Tracks Down His Murderer From Previous Life And Leads Police To Proof

For thousands of years people have wondered what happens after death and for the first time in history we may actually be pretty close to the answer thanks to a remarkable boy who remembered his own murder.

3yo boy reincarnation

For three years the boy has been living a normal life in the remote region of Syria. He was born with a small sharp birthmark on his forehead that would prove to be much more than that, and ever since he was able to speak, much to the shock of his parents, he insisted he was murdered in his past life and was even able to describe the events leading to of his demise in details.

The remarkable story was told to a renowned Israeli doctor Eli Lasch and later documented in a book “Children Who Have Lived Before” by German therapist Trutz Hardo, an acquaintance of Dr. Lasch.

He explained that the child was so persuasive in his beliefs that he was able to convince the village elders, who subsequently led him to a nearby village where he insisted the murder took place.

3yo boy reincarnation

In a weird twist of faith, while they were there, they encountered a man whom the boy never met before and while everyone stood silently, this small 3-year-old approached him and said: “I used to be your neighbor and you killed me with an axe!”

Those who witnessed the event said that the man’s face turned pale white. Guilty or not, you’ll have to admit that you wouldn’t be able to keep your cool as well if a random kid told you that. But that’s not even the weirdest part of this story.

The boy even claimed he knew where the body was hidden. He led the elders to a secluded area just outside of the village. There was a pile of stones that doesn’t seem to belong there and so the men began digging.

3yo boy- eincarnation

It wasn’t long before they uncovered the remains of an adult man and on its skull, in the exact spot the boy had a birthmark was a crack inflicted by the murderer’s axe. Faced with overwhelming evidence, the accused villager confessed his crime.

3yo boy reincarnation

Interestingly, this isn’t the only documented case of a child remembering his previous life. In Hardo’s book, he investigated dozens of such cases, and every time there was no explanation for how these kids knew so many details of remote places and events that happened long before they were born other than reincarnation.

The story is true, but whether you believe it or not is up to you. One thing you must admit though, it’s spooky as hell.

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