5-Year-Old Girl With Autism Creates Remarkable Paintings That Sell For Thousands

The art world has been in awe ever since this unknown artist burst onto the scene. Iris Grace brought in an unbound and playful style, but yet so mature and technically challenging, it’s no wonder the community was in shock when they found out that Iris Grace was a 5 year old autistic girl.

iris grace

Ever since she was born, Iris was struggling to interact with her parents in any way. She used to be consumed by books, eye contact was a rare occurrence and she got extremely distressed around other children.

With the help of many therapists, Iris’ parents finally found a way for her to express herself. They introduced colors and brushes into her life and her progress both in her art and her condition has been nothing less of miraculous.

iris grace

Through painting and dancing, she seems to have begun to overcome the restrictions of autism. She’s now able to play with her mom and dad, her sleep patterns improved and she’s starting to speak for the first time in her life.

iris grace

In her blog, Iris’ mom speaks about the excitement she exhibits every time she gets to use colors. She understands them better than any child her age, the way they mix together and interact with one another on paper and it shows in her artwork. It’s vivid and dynamic, but yet incredibly sweet and brimming with innocence.

iris grace painting

“She will watch water, trees, wind, leaves, flowers, birds, clouds… she is so interested in movement and how it changes things.” There are artists out there who work their entire lives striving to reach the maturity in their art that comes so naturally for this incredible girl.

iris grace

Iris is now a worldwide phenomenon. Her art was compared with that of Monet because of her impressionistic style.

iris grace

Countless celebrities have helped spread the word about the tiny artist, most notably Ashton Kutcher who shared her artwork via social media as well as Daniel Radcliffe who is a patron for the Autism Research Trust.

Iris’ family is using this opportunity to raise awareness of her condition which is affecting hundreds of thousands of children worldwide and they’re auctioning her masterpieces on her website with all the funds going toward Iris’ ongoing treatment.

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