8 Weirdest Drinks in the World. Yes, These Actually Exist!

Orange juice, Coca Cola and Pepsi are so yesterday! Here are some crazy weirdos from different corners of the world who have come up with bizarre concoctions just because they can. Here are the world’s weirdest drinks:

1. Kidsbeer – Because even children can’t stand life unless they drink


Kidsbeer is a soft drink from Japan marketed towards children and designed to look like beer. It tastes similar to cola and has a frothy, lager-like head when poured.

2. Cow Urine Soda (Gau Jal) –  Taking the Piss out of Coke

Cow Urine Soda

India has a soft drink made from cow urine. I wonder what’s next….chocolate made from cow dung? Watch out Coke! Here comes your biggest rival.

3. Kumis (Horse Milk Alcohol)


Kumis is a central Asian drink traditionally made with fermented horse milk. The alcohol percentage in Kumis stays within single digits, rarely going above 7-8%. This is the stuff Attila the Hun or Gengis Khan were raised with and it’s still popular in countries like Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan or Kazakhstan.

4. Pizza Beer

pizza beer

During the beer making process Margherita pizza is put into the mash and steeped like a teabag. Then the pizza slices are washed off with hot water and filtered into a brew pot. According to reviews it really tastes like pizza.

5. Bilk (Beer+Milk)


If pizza beer isn’t good enough for you, how about milk beer? This Japanese drink was created as a way to use up surplus milk that was previously being thrown away. A third of the low-malt beer is milk and they claim that it has a fruity taste. Just another drink the world can’t do without.

6. Snake Wine – Drinking the corpse of a venomous snake

snake wine

Snake wine is made by infusing whole snakes in grain alcohol or rice wine. The belief is that the essence and venom of the snakes dissolve in the liquor to promote vitality. Other animals infused in alcohol for alleged health benefits that range from improved eyesight to curing the common cold include geckos, baby mice and sea horses. Made in China and southeast Asia.

7. Three-Penis Wine – Take a sip and feel 3 penises inside of you

3 penis wine

If snake wine is not your thing, why not indulge in a delicious 3-penis wine made from 3 different types of animal penises to supposedly boost the virility of its drinker.  If you’re looking for a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your partner, look no further. You can pick-up a bottle at supermarkets around Shanghai, just remember to make them have a sip before you reveal the secret ingredients.

8. Seagull Wine

Seagull wine

Miles ahead of its competition, seagull wine stands as a testament to the ideology of getting drunk no matter what the cost. The recipe is so simple anyone can prepare it: Find a seagull (alive or dead), if it’s alive, kill it. Put it in a bottle. Fill the bottle with water and leave it in direct sunlight to ferment. This wine is yet to win any major awards, but it reportedly gets you drunk fast. Made by the Inuit, you’ll need to head towards the North Pole to try it.

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