This Vicious Dog Spent His Whole Life Chained. Watch What Happens When A Stranger Removes His Chain

If you were chained your whole life, you would probably be agitated and aggressive too. In Alex’s case, not even his owner could touch him, so he called Humane Society to take him away. This guy prepared for his most difficult rescue and getting Alex off the chain was indeed a struggle. But once the ties were cut, it’s as if he transformed into a completely different dog.

This video shows Alex during his rescue, 25 minutes later and the next day. Remember, there has been NO behavior modification and no rehab. All that changed in this dog’s life is that he got his freedom back and some love he so desperately needed.

What do you think? Does chaining affect dog behavior? Let is know in the comments below.

EDIT: Thanks to our Facebook fans, we found out a disturbing truth about the video. The guy who “freed” Alex, Steve Markwell, owned The Olympic Animal Sanctuary in Forks, WA, which is now closed down. Steve Markwell was convicted of animal abuse and charity fraud by the Washington State AG.

The video suggest that Alex went on to a better life, but it appears that was not the case. Alex was ultimately adopted by Ron Smith, who takes great care of him. Alex has finally found love and happiness with his new family.

If you want to find out more information about Olympic Animal Sanctuary, take a look at this Wikipedia article. We apologize for misinformation.

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